Impact of Inclusive Leadership on Engineering Project Success in Ireland

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Alves do Nascimento, Loren Caroline
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Dublin Business School
The primary aim of this study is to find out to what extend does inclusive leadership impact on project success. The researcher followed a quantitative method approach surveying eight-four employees from the engineering sector in Ireland. The primary data was collected via questionnaire in Google Forms and analysed through SPSS. The hypothesis H1, H2, and H3 were tested and proven by using Cronbach’s Alpha Parameters and R-square Model, and through the analysis of the results, respectively. The researcher believes that this study validates the inclusive leaders’ skills as a strategy to not only guarantee successful projects but also to guarantee that all team members are working in an equally and fairly environment. Leaders must bring the best from their employees in order to them perform at their best. Overall, organisations should organise inclusive and diverse training initiatives in the form of workshops and seminars to assist leaders and employees in making more reasonable project decisions.