An investigatory study of stress, social anxiety, personality, self-esteem and loneliness in relation to Facebook use

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Fleming, Donna
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Nearly half of the Irish population are using Facebook, this research focuses on Irish adults over 21 years old and addresses Facebook use and its relationship to self-esteem, social anxiety, loneliness, personality and stress. The total number of participants was 208 (152 female and 56 male). The snowball effect was used to generate participants from the Facebook community. This involved simple random sampling and a quantitative design using correlation. The questionnaire was created in Google Docs and contained demographic questions and two questions on stress as well questionnaires to assess the variables. The procedure involved participants receiving an email or an event request to join the survey on Facebook. Respondents were informed of the nature of the study and that is was confidential and they could withdraw at any time. The main results of the research found extraverts have more Facebook Friends. There was a significant relationship found between Facebook use and Perceived Stress on Facebook use as a way to avoid daily stressors and causing the user stress. Participants using Facebook have experienced stress from use and also use it to avoid daily stressors, this is prevalent in this research. More research is needed in the relatively unexplored area of stress and Facebook use. Author keywords: stress, social anxiety, personality, self-esteem, loneliness