An exploration of transformational leadership: A case study of Cherian Varkey Construction company (CVC)

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Sony, Anwin
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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This research study is focused on a specific subject of organisational behaviour that is transformational leadership. Under this subject, the present research study mainly aims to explore the transformational leadership style that is followed in the Indian construction industry and which can be implemented in the Irish Construction Industry. The explicit focus in the research study is given on the case study on Cherian Varkey Construction Company (CVC). The research has presented the key facts and significance of transformational leadership style for an organisation with respect to the organisational performance and productivity. In order to address the selected research problem, the research study has undertaken the primary data collection method of the structured interview. The interview has been conducted with a sample of 8 Managers, including 2 HR Managers and 2 Operations Managers of CVC is considered and 2 HR Managers and 2 Operations Managers of JJ Rhatigan & Company. The analysis of the interview data is governed with the implication of the thematic analysis method of qualitative data analysis. The findings of the interview data have presented the facts that the role of transformation leadership style is crucial in the construction industry for the purpose of enhancing the efficiency and organisational growth in the market. The project managers of Indian construction organisations have adopted the transformational leadership style for supporting and encouraging the employees to enrich their capabilities and efficiency for attaining the ultimate goals of an organisation and positively affects the organisational growth. In this similar context, the Irish construction industry must adopt the transformational leadership style improving the overall growth and development of an organisation..