Marketing mix and consumer behaviour in Avon in the Slovakian market

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Hanesova, Lucia
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MA in Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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The successful running of every company is based on the knowledge in Marketing. Consumers have more choice than ever and are increasingly faced with complex decisions when selecting their daily beauty regimen. The technologies that enable companies to improve targeting of consumer needs and the global reach of the internet have in turn generated the ability to supply consumers with increasingly customized products. This research project introduces ‘Marketing Mix and Consumer Behaviour in AVON in the Slovakian market’. The target of this research project was to clarify the consumer behaviour and decision, to characterize the cosmetic market and interplay of company Avon in Slovakia and to find out by the research how satisfied are female and male using Avon cosmetic, and which of those products do they use the most likely. At the same time depending up to research results suggest the arrangements for company Avon, which would help to improve its market position, to stay up its existing consumers and to get new one. The research shows the importance of marketing mix and how can marketing mix such as product, price, place, promotion influence consumer behaviour. Understanding today's consumer is a key to realizing the future needs and expectations of beauty consumers worldwide. The project analysis the characteristics, patterns, factors and trend of consumer behaviour and marketing and its tools, which take an important role in consumer influenced. It characterizes action of company Avon Cosmetics, clarifies the system of its selling, and introduces the offer of product rank and other tools of marketing. The key findings released that consumers are influenced by the action of marketers and every element of marketing mix can influence shopping decision. By detailed analyses it can be proven that consumers react positively to the promotion and price factor. The good packing and bright colours sell the product more easily. It introduces according to the research findings the evaluation of the AVON position in the Slovakian market.