The effectiveness of serverless computing in India and Ireland

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Babu, Karthika Pulikkal
Issue Date
MBA in Cloud Computing
Dublin Business School
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Serverless computing is word that came to IT industry few years back. It gives the users virtual servers instead of physical one. The actual location of servers will be very far about which the user don't have to be worried about. This term was initially brought by Amazon Web Servers which later spread to other vendors too. This research is about the effectiveness of serverless computing in India and Ireland based on 6 factors that are cost effectiveness, reliability, scalability, speed, performance and productivity. The aim of this research is to find out how effective this service is in both the countries. Although the countries are very different in their geographical location and climatic features they are fertile land for IT companies. The research will go through a series of literature reviews after which online questionnaires and interviews will be conducted. The papers available about serverless computing is very less as still studies are going on to improve the security and privacy features of this service. The vendors already have strict rules. But still new GDPR and political party change is badly influencing them. The methods used to follow the right track for this research and how this research is done is clearly explained in this research report. The report is concluded after finding out answers for the research question and research hypothesis.