To examine the effectiveness of in-game advertising when targeting the ad-avoidant generation

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Butler, Keith
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BA (Hons) in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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“Games are now an important form of family entertainment. More and more adults play video games with their children and teens are even playing games with their parents. Advertisers will soon realize they can reach the whole family using this medium” (Cai: 2006). The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of In-game Advertising when targeting the Ad-avoidant generation. With consumers now turning their backs on traditional forms of advertising marketer’s are now using in-game advertising as away to target the ad-avoidant generation. The study will look at all theory surrounding in-game advertising and the effectiveness of this type advertising among the ad-avoidant generation within Dublin. With three design strategies available to the researcher, the selection of Exploratory Research was chosen. As seen later in the study the Qualitative Research that was gathered through Focus Groups allowed the researcher to gain a clearer insight into proving the research hypoFinal Year Project. The Data Analysis findings from the focus group give an interesting insight into how In-game advertising is viewed as a positive thing and how this helping advertisers reach the ad-avoidant generation.