“Thanks!” Do Irish people who are predisposed toward gratitude have high levels of Psychological Resilience?

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Glynn, Paula
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this study was to explore Gratitude, Psychological Resilience and Coping styles within the Irish populace. The majority of research into this area has been carried out within the United States. This research was carried out using a random sample of the Irish population who were invited to fill in an online questionnaire. Questions were asked which measured; predisposition toward Gratitude, Satisfaction with life, Coping styles, Resilience, Defensive Pessimism and Optimism. There were 91 respondents (N = 91). The findings indicated there was no significant relationship between Gratitude and Resilience (r(91) = .118, p = .268). However the analysis showed the model, which includes Gratitude and Psychological resilience, is a significant predictor of Approach coping. (R2 = .127, F(2, 82) = 5.988, p < .05). These findings provide a layer of knowledge to research on the concepts of Positive Psychology and how they relate to the Irish populace. Author keywords: gratitude, resilience, active coping, optimism