Facing aggression head on : evidence of self-stranger agreement on aggressive tendencies at zero-acquaintance

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Victory, Gerard
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The relationship between physiognomy and aggression at zero acquaintance were investigated. Prior studies indicate correlations between self and stranger ratings on dimensions of personality from facial photographs. Levels of testosterone have been linked to aggression and physiognomy. Correlations between self and stranger ratings on aggression are hypoFinal Year Projected, with greater correlations between female stranger raters and male self raters. Equal numbers of male and female participants (N=40) were randomly chosen as a self rater or stranger rater. Self raters completed the Buss & Perry (1992) aggression questionnaire indicating self-perceptions of verbal and physical aggression, hostility and anger. Neutral photographs of self-rating participants were presented to stranger-rating participants. Stranger raters ranked photographs of one sex on aggression and attractiveness dimensions. No significant correlations were found between self and stranger ratings on dimensions of aggression or attractiveness. Results indicated that females or males are not equipped with the ability to identify potentially aggressive people through physiognomy. Female ratings on male attractiveness were not influenced by male self aggression ratings. Findings were discussed and further research directions suggested.