Attention Deficit Disorder : an investigation into the treatment of children with this disorder. Is medication the best solution?

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Eastwood, Emer
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of the current study was to examine ADHD and the treatments used to control overt behaviours in children. The Conners rating scales determined scores in children's behaviours, which were measured by teachers and parents. The study employed a cross sectional design with 100 participants (N=100). The results showed no significant difference between age and gender of children in the sample. Findings from a regression test showed a significant weak negative effect (-.203, p<0.05) in ADHD problem behaviour in situation. It also showed a significant difference in weather the child was medicated or not medicated (.207, p<0.03). Ooverall it was reported that children with ADHD show less behaviour problems at home then in school, also children who are medicated show fewer overt behaviours then those who are not medicated.