Neuromarketing - fundamentals and insights for advantageous advertising in a luxury watch context

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Hengsberg, Katinka
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MSc in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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Advertising effectiveness has received attention from academic researchers in the neuromarketing field. However, the emerging character of the discipline implicates that research has been limited and many key areas remain insufficiently explored. Possible applications of neuromarketing techniques to generate data whose analysis results may enable practitioners in the luxury watch industry to create more effective advertisings and drive purchasing behaviour represents one such critical area that remains underdeveloped. This dissertation examines the potential of neuromarketing techniques to inform the effectiveness of luxury watch advertising. In order to build a more cohesive understanding of a potential neuromarketing practice in the luxury watch industry, possible applications of neuromarketing techniques to inform the various components or stages of advertising effectiveness are determined and contrasted with areas for amendment and improvement that luxury watch advertisements exhibit. In this regard, the researcher unveils various findings that have not been addressed in previous academic literature. The research methodology undertaken is underpinned by a mixed methods research design which entails exploratory and descriptive components. In-depth interviews as the first stage of research are utilised as qualitative data collection technique in order to receive detailed responses to complex issues revealing the correspondents logic and thinking process. A subsequently conducted web survey affords the researcher to generate quantifiable data that supports the generalisation about the phenomenon under study. The outcome of this endeavour is the presentation of several conceptual and contextual insights into the applicability of neuromarketing techniques to inform the effectiveness of luxury watch advertisements which are hoped to provide a point of reference for future research pertinent to academics and practitioners alike.