Key Factors and Barriers Affecting the Adoption of Cloud Computing in the Irish Government

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Scanlon, Keith
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Master of Business Administration ( Cloud Computing ) at Dublin Business School
Dublin Business School
In 2019 the Irish Government issued a cloud computing advice note informing all government agencies to adopt a cloud-first strategy. Research has highlighted many issues and challenges in adopting a cloud-first strategy, particularly for government agencies. However, there is an enormous desire to adopt cloud computing if specific barriers are removed. This study aimed to identify the key factors and barriers that affect cloud computing adoption in the Irish Government. This study employs a quantitative approach using an online questionnaire survey collecting data from fifty-three senior ICT staff working across various government sectors. Descriptive statistics were used to answer the primary aims, and the central tendency was measured using median and mode. The study identified data protection, procurement, vendor and government support as barriers and key factors. Additionally cost, compatibility, technology readiness, and cybersecurity were identified as key factors. This research can support the Irish Government in expanding its cloud-first approach, establishing strategies and policies to support future cloud adoption.