Mobile Commerce: The Techniques and benefits of Mobile Banking

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Liu, Zhen
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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This dissertation outlines the evaluation of Mobile Banking using the WAP Protocol, from their conception to present day. Comparisons are made between fixed line banking services and the Mobile Banking services. First outline the background of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Forum, introduces the history of WAP and the future market place of WAP phone in the U. S and European market. Secondly, defines the differentiation between the Internet Model and the WAP Model and outlines the technology behind the WAP. I would like to introduce other protocols and technologies, but the number of words for this study are limited. Thirdly, examines the structure of Mobile Banking and outlines the easy steps to access Mobile Banking account and the advantages of Mobile Banking. The security issues are important, I examine the security on the wireless Internet deeply in chapter 4. In chapter 5, I outline the Mobile Banking services and WAP technologies present for customers, operators, service-providers and manufacturers. The present day mobile "value-added services chain" is compared to a value-added service chain incorporating Mobile Banking and WAP technology. Chapter 6 outlines the problems of Mobile Banking and WAP technology. Finally, the main finding of this research are outlined the view that Mobile Banking offers a wide range of services, opportunities for many banking industry, mobile phone industry and consumers an increasingly global marketplace.