Look at the role of the product description on purchasing decision for electronic devices on Amazon for the youth 13-35 year old. How to influence the purchasing decision through the product description?

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Le Marechal, Xavier
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MSc Marketing with Digital Media
Dublin Business School
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Internet has changed the world of retailing by allowing the emergence of digital stores. By the past, being a competitive retailer required significant investments, but today, traditional retailers are facing high competition from small digital stores. Being a major actor of traditional retailing does not guarantee online success, while recent companies success, has been proven by the fast and impressive evolution of Amazon.com. Electronic products are the aim of a particular interest in global retailing, moreover in E-Commerce and concerning the youth 13-34 years old. The investigation of the youth 13-34 years and their consumptions of electronic devices on Amazon.com, raises a particular interest for the Marketers and actors of retailing. Author Key words: Digital Marketing, Product description, Amazon, Consumer Behaviour, Youth Behaviour, Electronic products, 13-34 years old.