Indicators of the Challenges that International Students face in Accessing Financial Services in Dublin

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Adewale Alimi, Abdul-Semiu
Issue Date
MSc in Financial Technology
Dublin Business School
With the development of international higher education, Ireland has become increasingly popular as an education destination for international students. With that in mind, the aims of this research were to identify the major challenges that these students face in accessing financial services and to propose strategies for improving their financial inclusion. The research adopted an interpretivism philosophy, a qualitative design, an inductive research approach, and a primary data collection method for conducting the research. Five (5) international students from Chile, India, Kenya, and Nigeria were interviewed by the researcher for the purpose of collecting data. From the findings of the study, it was discovered that some of the problems international students faced included a lack of pre-arrival information, documentation and verification issues when opening a bank account, confusing banking processes and products, and ineligibility for loan or credit facilities. Recommendations for financial education, institutional collaborations, and tailored financial products were suggested to enhance the financial inclusion of international students.