A formative assessment of pension awareness among UK workforce

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Ghughtyal, Rama
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An important research area which concerns corporate bodies and government decision-makers is the topic of pension funds, the awareness of pension schemes among employees and the perceived importance of these schemes. Existing Covid 19 pressures have also put forward cash flow limitations for firms, which has given further importance to research on this topic. While pension schemes are associated with additional costs, this paper attempts to explore some of the benefits associated (employee motivation, job satisfaction and employee retention). Further, the paper explores the role and importance of pensions through the lens of ‘Motivation Theory (Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs). This dissertation seeks to provide a framework for understanding the role of pension funds for employees in the United Kingdom. The thesis then proceeds with research on employee perceptions through a method of quantitative research. The research captures perceptions of employees working/residing in the United Kingdom through surveys.