Air Pollution Visualisation, Prediction, And Automated Air Purifier Control Using Machine Learning Algorithms

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Mayank, Mayank
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MSc in Business Analytics
Dublin Business School
Air pollutants cause severe health risks to humans if their quality deteriorates. The AQI shows the Air pollution standard. This helps visualise the steep rise in AQI globally, particularly in Southeast Asia. However, accurately predicting the AQI values is difficult due to the diverse and intricate factors affecting the air quality. A complex ML algorithm simulates human knowledge to solve issues. The development and deployment of ML models in air pollution research have accelerated due to the increasing monitoring data and the rising demand for accurate and timely forecasts. Two thousand nine hundred sixty-two papers published between 1990 and 2021 were subjected to a bibliometric analysis to determine the prevalence of ML in air pollution research. After 2017, there was a notable surge in articles, accounting for almost 75% of all publications. The cluster analysis found four main study topics for machine learning applications: short-term forecasting, emission control optimisation, detection improvement, and pollutant chemical characterisation. The rapid development of machine learning algorithms has improved our ability to model scenarios, examine the chemical characteristics of different contaminants, and assess the factors that influence chemical reactions. ML models are adequate for reviewing atmospheric chemical processes and evaluating air quality management when paired with interdisciplinary data. As a result, they deserve more focus in the future. Here, a few of the regression algorithms were used to predict air pollution on the globe. Then, for India, the primary models used are LR, DTR, RFR, and SVR, which are evaluated using the root RMSE and R-squared metrics on both a validation set and a test set, providing a comprehensive assessment of their predictive performance and followed by the prototype of an Automatic Air Purifier to control Air pollution and help people protect themselves from exposure to air pollution and the health problems caused by It.