Recognising the relevance of emotional intelligence in project management

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Ruiz, Melissa Karina Witron
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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This academic research contributes with the aim of indicating the advantages arising from developing and enhancing emotional intelligence, along with the identification of difficulties emerging from the lack of its appliance. This research examines data collected from a group of 8 managers, representing diverse countries and gender equality, through a mixed research methodology by using semi-structured interviews and correlation statistics derived from the GEIT test, each from a qualitative and quantitative approach respectively. The analyses showed the existent awareness of EQ among managers, and that they consider it to be part of their leadership style. In addition to these findings, the analysis suggests that female managers mastering emotional intelligence may be provided with certain leverage through this soft skill. This research concludes that most of the findings supported the secondary research towards recognising EQ as key element within management and provides a foundation for further analysis on emotional intelligence as common denominator within successful female managers.