Comparative analysis between the implementation of agile project management and critical chain project management in the cyber security sector of the IT industry.

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Bora, Madhusmita
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
This study focuses on assessing and comparing agile project management and critical chain project management contributions within the cybersecurity sector in the IT industry. To gather a valuable and deeper understanding of this topic, its research aims, objectives and research questions are selected that help in providing a clear path for the investigation. The significance of the research is not just related to obtaining the impacts of both of the approaches but also associated with the contribution to the implementation in the industry by the organisation. The incorporation of relevant literature on the effectiveness, benefits and implementation challenges of agile and critical chain project management have been broadly evaluated within the empirical findings. To gather in-depth information related to the implementation of both approaches in the cybersecurity sector in the IT industry, some relevant literature sources are analysed. After analysing literature sources, few best practices, success factors and crucial considerations within the implementation of both approaches were highlighted. The primary research is the methodology used for completing this study and obtaining valuable information. The positivist research philosophy, descriptive research method, inductive research design, interview, and thematic analysis are the processes that follows to collect the relevant data related to the research topic and analysis of collected data for discussion. Following this method helps in gathering real-world data from the industry’s professionals and makes the work more reliable and appropriate. The chapters focus on providing relevant information taken from the transcript of the interview session conducted to understand more about the research topic, bringing about relevant information directly connected to agile project management and critical chain project management. The generation of various themes is done with the help of the thematic analysis technique, which further provides significant information, ideas and patterns associated with the data collected providing relevant information about the entire research topic. The discussion part of the assignment provides deeper knowledge related to the findings obtained from the primary research. After analysing the findings, it is noticed that agile project management and critical chain project management are the two popular approaches that are used in the IT industry including the cybersecurity industry. Investigating the capability of the approaches and usage process in projects, it is noticed that several strengths, limitations and best practices are related to mitigating the challenges faced while implementing these practices in the organisations. The discussion part also helps in identifying the strength of the study and the limitations that reflect the potentiality of the research in this domain. After analysing the overall discussion, within the conclusion part, it is summarised that both of the approaches are useful in the context of the cybersecurity sector in the IT industry. Some recommendations are suggested for the study that has the capability to improve the effectiveness of the study.