Revamping restaurant billing system through react JS development

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Skariya, Febin Babu
Issue Date
MSc in Information Systems with Computing
Dublin Business School
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The restaurant industry is always evolving, aiming to improve the dining experience. Beyond great food and service, smooth and efficient payment processes are crucial. This thesis focuses on restaurant billing systems, highlighting the need for modernization in our digital age. Traditionally, restaurants used manual billing, a slow and error-prone process. With complex menus and various orders, accurate billing was challenging. The solution is a tech upgrade, with this research endorsing the React JavaScript Framework. React, known for speed and user-friendliness, promises to revolutionize restaurant billing. The goal is to eliminate manual billing’s inefficiencies and embrace automation. Introducing React streamlines operations, reducing errors. Automation simplifies bill creation, ensuring precise invoices and custom billing systems using React’s modular approach. Ultimately, this journey aims to improve the customer experience by reducing wait times and billing disputes. This thesis blends real-world data and theoretical insights to explore React’s potential in restaurant billing, emphasizing the importance of technology in enhancing operational efficiency.