Recruitment process outsourcing : a new type of service provider

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Betgerikar, Amita
Issue Date
MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this dissertation is to assess the justification and effectiveness of RPO = recruitment process outsourcing. In earlier days these methods have been studied mainly with the case studies and evaluating the outsourcing recruitment of a particular company. However, this dissertation will have a cross industry focus to assess these issues on a more understandable and wide scale. The research study is guided by research questions, whose purpose is to evaluate the different issues related to the outsourcing of the recruitment process. This includes recognizing the factors that form the justification for the outsourcing process and what type of issue is affecting their efficiency. In addition, two conjoint recruitment outsourcing scenario that is technical recruitment and international recruitment are analysed in depth. To critically evaluate these issues and find answer to research questions, a theoretical framework was built essentially on the basis of three of the most relevant academic literature: 1. Recruitment 2. Human resource Outsourcing 3. Recruitment Process Outsourcing This was then balanced with favourable supportive literature that is change, talent management & strategic human resource management that links with recruitment process outsourcing. Author keywords: Recruitment process outsourcing, RPO, human resource outsourcing, recruitment