Business Web development

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O'Sullivan, Kevin Joshua
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BA (Hons) Business Information Management
Dublin Business School
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This dissertation sets out to establish the main tasks involved in developing a Website. In order to accomplish this five main sections have been identified. Developing a business strategy is the first task in the process. This involves analysing the company that the Website is been designed for. The next part of the dissertation deals with how to transfer the company’s image to the Website. Competitors then need to be analysed in order to identify whom they are exactly as well as finding out methods that will allow the company to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals. Websites goals and objectives need to be identified and implemented. After the strategy has been developed the process of designing a framework for the Website needs to be tackled. This involves the laying out of the sections that will make up the Website such as the main page and a contents list. The technical side of the dissertation describes techniques for taking advantage of the Internet and some of the limitations that will be faced by the designer are illustrated. Once the Website has been developed the actual marketing of the Website must be carried out. Methods to get the Website noticed by users and potential customers without having to spend a lot of money are outlined. Finally techniques are given on how to make sure that the Website does not become obsolete by illustrating ways in which the Website can be properly maintained and updated.