An investigation into the attitudes and behaviour of French and Irish respondents in relation to the purchase of a green car

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Massoules, Maxime
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MSc in International Business
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this project is to analyse attitudes and behaviour in relation to the purchase of “green cars”. In order to understand how attitudes and behaviour of consumers are involved in the purchase process the researcher will, firstly, define attitudes and behaviour and the relationship between these two variables against the background of the automobile industry in both France and Ireland during the secondary research. Exploration of consumers‟ attitudes and behaviour towards environmental issues and the purchase of „green cars‟ will be the focus of the primary research guided by the research questions posed at the outset. In order to answer the research questions, the researcher will undertake field work by using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. In order to collect relevant and accurate data, the researcher will use in-depth interviews as a qualitative and quantitative tool to capture French and Irish respondents‟ attitudes and behaviour towards environmental issues and the purchase of „green cars‟. The researcher will then analyze the data collected through the administration of the in-depth interviews in France and in Ireland to ascertain whether the increased awareness of environmental issues impacts on respondents‟ attitudes and behaviour towards the purchase of „green cars‟. Finally, the researcher will conclude, based on the primary and secondary research findings, whether environmental issues are a factor in respondents‟ car purchase decisions. After having completed this research, the researcher will generate recommendations in the context of further research for this critical environmental issue. Author keywords: Green technology, automibile industry, theory of reasoned action, climate-friendly fuels