How TikTok has impacted Generation Z’s buying behaviour and their relationship with brands?

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Ngangom, Martina
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MSc in Digital Marketing
Dublin Business School
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AIM : This research aims to explore the new phenomenon of TikTok and how using this application has impacted Generation Z as consumers. The study contributes to further identify if this social media platform has had any change in attitude towards brands by gaining comprehensive views and mindset into the evolving needs and expectations of iGen. DESIGN : Due to the subjective nature of the study, a qualitative design approach has been utilised to discuss the experiences and opinions of Generation Z on TikTok. For data collection, semi-structured interviews have been conducted with participants who were in the 18- 23 age group. METHOD: To analyse the data, thematic coding by Braun and Clarke (2006) has been employed and the six-phase assisted in uncovering several patterns and themes. The findings and insights could offer academic researchers and practitioners to implement marketing strategies to engage with these younger consumers.