Exploring the impact of content marketing through Instagram on the growth of the fitness industry in Ireland

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Dubey, Prakhar
Issue Date
MSc in Digital Marketing and Analytics
Dublin Business School
This study investigates the impact of content marketing on the growth of the fitness industry in Ireland through Instagram, focusing on customer engagement. The research aims to explore effective content marketing strategies, with objectives including the examination of content marketing's role in customer engagement, the analysis of customer behavior on specific content types, and the evaluation of influencer collaborations' influence on engagement. The literature review highlights Instagram's pervasive influence on daily life and its advertising capabilities. Three theories—Uses and Gratifications Theory, Social Influence Theory, and Social Credibility Theory—are utilized to analyze user motivations, engagement factors, and credibility within fitness content. The methodology employs qualitative data collection through interviews with a narrative analysis & reflexive thematic analysis approach. A probability random stratified sampling method with a sample size of 5 respondents is chosen. The thematic analysis reveals key findings, including Visual Attraction, Educational Engagement, Personalized Connection, Transformation Stories, Scientific Wellness, Authentic Influencers, Influencer Trustworthiness, Community Impact, Humorous Connection, and Transparent Endorsements. The abstract concludes by underscoring the importance of visual appeal, educational value, personalized connections, and authentic storytelling in elevating engagement within the Irish fitness community on Instagram. These insights provide valuable guidance for content creators and brands aiming to refine their strategies in the dynamic landscape of fitness content marketing.