The risk management in environmental protection of South Africa. The investigation of implementation risk assessment methods, tools and its effectiveness in practice

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Jozova, Lenka
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MBA in Business Management
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of the research topic is to evaluate the performance of risk management in environmental protection. The focus area is represented by South African National Parks and other protected areas in the country. It is the area which needs our permanent attention because of its unique character of fauna and flora and the geographical position. Together with the constant interaction of the natural environment and the various cultural human settlements represents the challenge in terms of continual sustainability. Despite of the highly developed expert analysis from this area, the reality does sometimes not reflect the expected outcome of risk management application. The numbers of projects are closed down before finish or the conducted projects do not deliver the quality requested. The investigation will be conducted in the area of the effective application of risk management. The target will be to address potential problems in the design or implementation of risk assessment and the possible constraints caused by legislation, lack of resources or insufficient organizational division of tasks. The dissertation contains the introduction of the topic planned to be researched, the literature review, where the characteristics of the risk, risk management, methods and tools are discussed. In the further section is detailed description of proposed methods to be used and also research objectives and proposed questions for in depth research. The chapter of analysis and findings is based on interviews with the Head of Risk Management at South African National Parks, the other co-operators in the area of risk management application of South African National Parks1 and the owners and managers of protected areas in South Africa. Author keywords: risk management, risk assessment, conservation, South Afrika, environmental protection