The impact of the staff turnover in Dublin’s hospitality industry

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Neto, Joel
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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This present study aims to identify the impact of employee turnover in the hospitality industry, more specifically in bars and restaurants. The study was applied in a well-known bar located in Dublin’s city center. Staff turnover is a widely discussed topic. Much has been said how it negatively impacts the organizations goals. One of the most critical issues facing organizations today is how to retain the employees they want to keep. The Human Resources Management approach defends that the staff is a valuable source of competitive advantage. Shortages of overall talent are current issues faced by organizations. In the hospitality industry, staff turnover seems to be assimilated as a normal event. However, employee turnover is expensive, disruptive and its outcomes are unmeasurably dangerous. This project attempts to evaluate this issues, as well as identify the causes of that. Moreover, it attempts to bring up the strategies – if any – adopted by the establishment in order to develop and retain their valuable workforce, with the objective of highlighting the importance of having a qualified and reliable staff. To reinforce that, key elements, theories and insights related to human resources management focused in the business strategy are presented. The findings are subsequently discussed, aligned to the proposed research questions. In addition, recommendations regarding human resources strategies are given in order to offer establishments of that industry possibilities to build a stronger team and maximize their overall results.