Capturing classical and contemporary classical music: assessing current practices and exploring the future

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Brodigan, Susan
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MSc Information and Library Management
Dublin Business School
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This research presents a review of the current practices employed when cataloguing classical and contemporary classical music and also explores the potential of Linked Data to share and to disseminate music metadata between institutions. Existing literature in this area focuses on the conceptual implementation of new cataloguing standards such as RDA and FRBR and examines specific Linked Data projects related to music datasets. However, little research has been conducted examining established approaches to cataloguing, challenges faced when documenting music materials and potential barriers to implementing change. This study surveyed methodologies in music libraries and conducted in-depth interviews to support these findings further. Respondents were found to be broadly positive towards the FRBR model of representing complex music material, although many libraries are faced with practical limitations such as budget and staffing. Linked Data presents similar challenges, with findings demonstrating a practical potential which may be currently beyond the scope of many music libraries.