Challenges In Effectively Implementing Agile Methods In Different Industries Of Ireland: Mixed-Method Study

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Gergely, Ildiko
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Dublin Business School
The research was inspired by Shameem et al.'s findings on prioritizing challenges of the agile process in a distributed software development environment (2018). With Agile methodology being popular lately in other industry sectors as well besides software development the researcher further developed the topic. The research aim was to identify the challenges in effectively implementing Agile methods in different industry sectors of Ireland and to investigate similarities in the challenge categories across industries from the perspective of project professionals. A mixed-method approach was selected to answer the research questions including a combination of semi-structured interviews and online questioners. The result shows the main challenges in implementing Agile methods in Ireland are the lack of understanding of Agile method values and principles, followed by lack of leadership commitment, management struggle with shifting to Agile mindset, organizational culture too traditional, and resistance to change from individuals or groups. The research also conducted that People related challenges are similar across all industry sectors in Ireland and there the significant challenges across different industry sectors related to Organization, Process, and Technology challenges.