Understanding Social Commerce Perceptions and Behaviours by Gen Z and Millennials in Ireland

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Lopez, Kimberly Amel Aguilar
Issue Date
MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics
Dublin Business School
This study aims to fill the knowledge gap concerning the perceptions and behaviours of Gen Z and Millennials in Ireland toward social commerce by exploring their perceptions and behaviours. Using a quantitative approach, the study meticulously gathers data through surveys, reaching 151 participants and examining aspects such as familiarity with social commerce, trust, usage patterns, factors influencing their purchase decision and perceived benefits and drawbacks. This study explores the complicated dynamics of social commerce among the young, tech-savvy generations at the forefront of this digital revolution by exploring the vibrant digital landscape of Ireland. However, the findings are specific to the Irish context, but they offer valuable insights that might help businesses and marketers engage these generations more effectively, reshaping social commerce in the digital age.