An extensive mixed-methods analysis : mindfulness meditation, attentional abilities, perceived stress and emotional acceptance

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Hudaisa, Fatima
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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A quantitative investigation was conducted testing the effects of mindfulness meditation on attentional abilities, perceived stress and emotional acceptance. Additionally, a qualitative component at post-test was also incorporated. Participants (n = 25) reported an increase in attentional abilities and perceived stress following a three week mindfulness program, however mixed results were obtained on the differences in self-control and emotional acceptance and the mediation of executive control by emotional acceptance. Four major themes emerged: increased self-regulation, individual variations, necessity of; an open attitude, and practice. Results support previous literature postulating the potential of mindfulness to provide succinct suggestions on how its training is a mediator of its effects on mental health. Further implications are deliberated upon in the discussion section.