Use of technology and its influence on project success. A study of e-commerce companies in Ireland

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Meller, Igor
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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This research dissertation examines the impact of technological tools used by project managers on the success of undertaken projects as it is little known about success of project management in regards to tools and systems used. The main purpose of presented dissertation was to test how professional experience impacts use of tools and what tools in eyes of experienced stakeholders contribute to success of undertakings. This paper is built around multinational e-­‐commerce companies active in Dublin, Ireland. In order to make this research more specific the author focused on stakeholders involved in project environment in these companies. A quantitative approach has been used as instrument to generate the data. It explores potential of use of technology in order to manage projects effectively and efficiently. A survey questionnaire was distributed among stakeholders involved in the project environment of largest players on the market. These include DropBox Inc., eBay Inc., Facebook Inc., Google Inc., IBM Corp., LinkedIn Inc., PayPal Corp. and Salesforce Corp. The research findings conclude that there is significant impact of implemented technology and usage of different technologies in managing and executing projects on the general outcome of the undertaking, however it is up to the experience of a project manager which tools to choose and how to utilize them effectively leading the project towards the goal. Author keywords: Project success, project management, stakeholder, technology, tools, communication