How to Influence People to Migrate to Cloud Computing Systems in Developing Virtual Environment to Store Customer Data in Bangladesh

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Kamal, Asif
Issue Date
MBA in Cloud Computing
Dublin Business School
The opening section emphasizes how Bangladesh has embraced cloud computing to enhance the efficiency and security of data storage, in establishments. The adoption of cloud technology has streamlined information management, reduced costs. Transformed the way organizations operate through technology. The background section discusses the importance of using cloud computing in environments highlighting its affordability and facilitation of business. The problem statement addresses the challenges associated with data storage and advocates for migrating to the cloud. The research aims to explore why Bangladesh should adopt cloud computing as the challenges it may face and recommendations for implementation. One hypothesis suggests that storing customer data in the country's cloud is both secure and efficient. The methodology section explains the research approach, design and strategy used to investigate how cloud computing impacts Bangladesh. Employing a philosophy this study takes an approach with a focus on collecting quantitative data through descriptive research design. Action research strategy is employed to explore migration methods while primary quantitative data collection, from professionals ensures insights. This methodology emphasizes objectivity, logical analysis and minimizes personal bias to comprehensively examine how cloud computing is evolving in Bangladesh. In the discussion and conclusion chapters, this study interprets findings to assess the implications of adopting cloud computing in Bangladesh. It explores the impact of migration recognizes the obstacles involved and offers suggestions, for putting it into action. The final remarks underscore the importance of cloud computing highlighting its ability to revolutionize the landscape and drive growth, in the country.