Consumer behaviour and acculturation: A study of Brazilian English language students in Dublin

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Celestino, Olivia Maiara
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MSc in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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Nowadays, Ireland is multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan, with a heterogeneity and diversity of culture. Irish census data shows an increasing number of nationalities have migrated to Ireland, such as Brazilian immigrants. Acculturation is a characteristic of worldwide migration and cultural multiplicity in that immigrants bring their own cultural features while familiarizing themselves with new cultures, attitudes, and behaviours. Consequently, this influence their consumer behaviour, which emphasizes cultural modification as manifested in the market environment and the processes of consumer learning that are influenced by the connections of cultures. For this study the population is Brazilian immigrants, focusing on English Language Students through mixed methods research composed by a survey and interview. It aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of behaviour, which addresses the Brazilian connections to Ireland, with the intention of understanding the immigration issues and consumption, factors that influence their consumption. The results show that the Brazilian immigrants have gone through some degree of cultural alterations in relation to their feelings, standards, language, etc., having adapted to the some characteristics of the Irish culture. Also, that these cultural alterations have been a solid influence on their behaviours exposed in knowledge and conduct. The verification is that the adjustment and influence aspects observed in the BELS are agents of acculturation.