A study into men and the cultural explorations on their bodies : a comparison between homosexual and heterosexual men and their attitudes towards their bodies, exercise and self-esteem

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Birch, Philip
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The current research is set to compare the attitudes held by homosexual and heterosexual men in regards to a body image and body esteem. Body image is an important psychosocial trait that can have effects on other aspects of psychological wellbeing, and is not only subject to the subjective judgements of the individual but also to the objective judgements of others around the individual in a social environment In conducting this study variables such as self-esteem, reasons for exercise, body esteem will be compared between these two groups of men. The study will take the form of a questionnaire packet that will be administered to two samples of males over the age of 18 years of age. These will then be compared across the already mentioned variables. The sample for the homosexual participants will be selected from local college Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender societies. The sample for the heterosexual sample will be taken from local college societies around the Dublin area. The study will attempt to assess if there is a difference between the attitudes of heterosexual males and their homosexual counter parts. These participants will also be compared across the variable of relationship status to assess if being partnered has an affect on the body image. The main hypoFinal Year Project of this study will be to show that due to cultural expectations there are no longer any differences between homosexual males and heterosexual males, and a second hypoFinal Year Project will be that there will be no difference between males who are in relationships and those that are single in terms of body image, self-esteem and reasons for exercise.