The affects of stress in the hospitality industry on staff's personal lives : a comparison between departments

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McCann, Linda
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this research is to investigate stress in the workplace, and its effects on the individual. Research studies (e.g. Nelson and Burke, 2002; Arnold, Cooper & Robertson, 1998) acknowledge that the relationship between the demands of work and home is an important source of occupational stress. However, there is a paucity of research into occupational stress amongst hospitality workers in Ireland. This questionnaire study was carried out on 53 participants, both males and females, from one hotel in Trim Co. Meath. The predictor variables are work-life and home life and the different departments each member of staff work in, and personality. The criterion variable is stress. The first hypoFinal Year Project of the current research states that the results obtained will show the existence of a correlation between occupational stress and its affects on the staffs personal lives. The second hypoFinal Year Project states that the kitchen staff and waiting staff will be more stressed in comparison to office staff and bar staff. The results of a Pearson's r correlation indicate a significant relationship between stress and satisfaction with life, these results support the first hypoFinal Year Project. The results of descriptive statistics and One-way ANOVA's indicate there isn't a significant difference between departments. These results don't support the second hypoFinal Year Project .. Modifications for future studies are suggested.