Web sight - why Irish businesses should look to the internet

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Moran, Susan
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BA (Hons) BIM
Portobello College
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The Internet is growing to be more than just a basis of information. Even though it is a moderately new concept in information technology. it is still very quickly becoming the most powerful business tool of our generation. Already Irish companies are starting to make use of the Internet in order to reach potential clients and to gain competitive advantage. There are many applicable reasons as to why an organisation should implement e-commerce today including: - Companies want the cost savings and revenue increases that ecommerce supplies. - Customers are insisting on e-commerce as a business tool. - Companies are aware that their competitors are already investing in ecommerce. - Companies may require a way to make their customer service stronger and improve it by adding more worth to the service they offer to their customers. The objective of this dissertation is to examine and evaluate the effects that the Internet has on Irish businesses. From this evaluation, I established whether or not Irish businesses are aware of the advantages that the Internet can provide for their company. I have carried out a statistical analysis of the use of the Internet within the Irish business sector. With the use of a questionnaire I was able to attain an overall representation in the rise and the attitudes towards Internet usage.