Organizational CSR integration in everyday responsibilities of project managers

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Jacob, Varsha Ann
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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The primary rationale of this dissertation strives to diagnose whether organizational CSR should be integrated in everyday responsibilities of project managers within all business divisions and if so to what extent would its integration lead to CSR-business enhancement? The methodology embraces an inductive approach. The research design adopts a mixed methodology that uses Grounded theory strategy and different sampling methods for its research. The research philosophies adopted include a combination of pragmatism, subjectivism and interpretivism towards modern third generation CSR integration strategies. These approaches are carried out in the form of a qualitative questionnaire covering all relevant aspects of the research participants (project managers) of different MNC’S, SMEs and privately owned businesses being interviewed and researched. The interviews are carried out to compare and contrast different project managers’ responses belonging to different types of organizations. The quantitative method includes carrying out an anonymous survey for the randomly sampled project managers that cover different aspects of PM’s involvement in organizational CSR. The findings will apply a mixed combination of a questionnaire and an online anonymous survey to draw comparison and conflicting theories on project managers’ reactions on working with CSR based functions within their daily internal operations. The discussions involved contextualizing these findings with the literature review. Most existing research shows the prevailing relationship with external stakeholders and CSR but the current research study will aim to contribute to existing research knowledge by adding value about the analysis of whether CSR should be dealt with by project managers within their daily responsibilities and their reactions to this ‘proactive conception’. It proposes an integration model between project managers and organizational CSR because not many research studies have been carried out to examine their relationships. This case study will show the project manager’s perspective of what it means to have CSR integrated within their team as opposed to it just being a separate CSR entity within the organization itself. It will amplify their opinions and ideologies of how they aspire to spread CSR within their organization. It will bring to light the inception and evolution of CSR, adoption of organizational stakeholder theory, inducing proactive strategies of CSR integration within day to day internal business operations. The originality of this dissertation will therefore be covered by the following main research elements: • Awareness of Organizational CSR: To what extent are Project Managers aware of it and willing to get involved with its operations? • Showing the progress of business integration from the initial first generation to the present third generation CSR phase and its gradual ongoing transition towards achieving complete integration and envisioning future fourth generation millennial CSR goals. • Focus on the extent of third Generation Organizational CSR being achieved through business division integration: Should it be to the extent of being integrated within the everyday schedule of responsibilities of a Project Manager as opposed to a separate CSR division within the organization. • Perceptions of project managers regarding CSR integration within their everyday internal operations. Author Keywords: Organizational CSR Integration