An analysis of tools and best practices in environmental management of chemical industries in India

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Puthur Nazer, Mahasin
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MSc in Management Practice
Dublin Business School
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This research study is mainly focused on evaluating the tools and practices of environmental management adopted by the chemical industries with specific reference to India the prime objective of the research study is to determine the challenges and aspects of implementing effective environment protection practices in chemical industry of India. In order to address the selected research objective, the research study has undertaken primary data collection as the key research method. The primary data has been collected with the help of survey questionnaire method. The sample with which the survey is conducted includes 100 employees. These employees are selected from 20 major companies that belong to different sectors such as manufacturing raw chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biochemicals. The other method of data collection that is used in this research study is a structured interview. For the interview, 5 managers are selected from different organisations of the chemical sector. The analysis of the data collected through both these methods is analysed with the implication of the mixed methodology. The mixed-method included both qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods. The quantitative data analysis of the survey data is governed with the implication of the graphical data presentation and analysis method. The qualitative data analysis of the interview data is governed with the implication of the thematic analysis method. On the basis of the data analysis, the key findings of the research study presented that there is ample scope of improving the environmental protection practices in chemical sector of industry. The research study has finally concluded that organisations working chemical industry of India along with federal and state government should work for improving environmental protection practices.