Experiences of women in Ireland re-entering the workplace following a career break

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Quill, Nuala
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Higher Diploma in Arts in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This study aims to explore how women in Ireland who have returned to work following a career break perceive themselves in relation to their work and family roles. Do these women feel supported by employers, colleagues and family and have they encountered obstacles in returning to the workplace? What do they perceive as their own and others’ attitudes towards women in the workplace, and have these attitudes changed across their lifespan. The study used semi-structured qualitative interviews with 5 participants aged between 45-54 who had returned to work following a career break. The study reports despite dramatic changes in attitudes to women participation in the workplace in Ireland, there has been a disappointing lack of change to structures within the workplace and equality among partners in domestic activities has not materialized. These findings may help inform future policies to aid the retention of valuable female participation in the workforce.