A study on the role of brand community management on brand loyalty and customer retention for Irish coffee consumers.

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van der Flier, Johan
Issue Date
Master of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
This dissertation investigates the role of Brand Community Management on brand loyalty and customer retention for Irish coffee consumers. Underpinned by previous literature, a deductive approach was used to test the theory behind brand community management, identification, and perceptions of Irish coffee customers. Primary data was gathered from 335 participants using an online quantitative survey questionnaire. The results revealed key characteristics that influence brand loyalty, namely taste, service quality, customer advocacy, and positive coffee shop experiences. Coffee brands were observed to be customer-centric, and any existence or meaningfulness attached to brand community is primarily reliant on customer experience and social motives rather than a felt sense of membership. For most Irish consumers, coffee shops appear to be social gathering places rather than established communities. Therefore, the study concludes that the ability of brand community management to influence loyalty and retention relies upon the curation of positive customer experiences.