An investigation in to how a woman's attachment style influences her Adult Romantic Relationships.

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O'Flaherty, Anne
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BA (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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This research project reviews the current attachment styles of single and married women over thirty five. It primarily investigates the difficulties single women have in attaching in adult romantic relationships, and suggests Bowlby's theory on attachment style could have an effect. It begins with a review of attachment theory and states that an understanding of adult attachment is crucial for an understanding of the effects of attachment styles on relationships. It addresses the effect that each attachment style has on romantic relationships. The attachment style that developed with the primary caregiver continues in adulthood and is then reinforced by the selection of a partner with a similar attachment style. Participants with a secure style were found to be more comfortable with closeness and intimacy. Participants with a fearful, preoccupied or dismissing attachment style tend to have problems in attaching securely. Romantic love is a property of the attachment behavioural system of John Bowlby and according to his theory the parent/child relationship transfers to adult romantic relationships. This project examines this.