Effectiveness & scope of cross-selling and co-branding among the consumers & the organizations

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Rangasamy, Arvinth Kumar
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MBA in Business Management
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this study is to find out the consumer’s interests towards cross-selling and co-branding strategy and also its effectiveness for the organizations. The study investigates various group of people in Ireland about their shopping experiences and brand preferences. So for finding this data, the researcher adopted survey strategy among 100 random people in Dublin, Ireland. Also for finding cross-selling and co-branding strategy’s effectiveness, the study was conducted by interviewing few managers from the retail organizations. The principal objective of this research is to find out the consumer’s preferences and interests while buying a product of any brand and also how effectively this strategy influenced in the organization’s point of view to know whether it’s a succesful marketing tool or not. The study invloves both the qualitative research and the quantitative research methods. Self-administered questionnaire was adopted for a survey strategy as a quantitative research method and structured interviews were conducted with the managers as a qualitative research method. The overall results showed that majority of the consumers are intereted towards cross-selling and co-branding. But at the same time, the organizations are not considering entirely to implement both these strategies as they found that its not a major contributor for the growth and profit to their organization. Thus the study found that if the organizations learn and identify how to implement both cross-selling and co-branding strategies according to the consumer’s preferences and needs then it is a highly successful tool which will be a win-win strategy for both the consumers and between the organizations. Author keywords: Cross-selling, co-branding