The marketing power through social media

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Segouffin, Mathilde
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BA (Hons) in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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This research project has been conducted on the research problem of the future of the marketing field through social media, as new channel of communication and new marketing tool. In the new context of low trust from consumers to companies due particularly to the crisis economic and the rise of word of mouth between consumers on social media, we wanted to highlight, as research question, who has power in marketing through social media, consumer or company? In fact, the generation of the new millennium are no more loyal, they zap quickly between information, for example between the disaster of Fukushima in Japan, then the wedding of Prince William and Kate‟s and, the scandal of Dominique Strauss Kahn. Moreover they organized their life depending on communities and especially through the creation of particular event,as watching the same program on TV or reading the same news paper. This research project has been conducted in order to help companies to understand social media and word-of-mouth‟s implication in their strategy. For answered this research question, we have collected first, the secondary data from up-to-date sources in order to have a first approach of the subject. Then, we have determined objectives and methodology in order to structure our research. After, we have collected primary data from questionnaires and interviews to find new results and so answer to our objectives and research question. Finally, after having analyzed results, we have made our conclusions on this subject and give recommendations about it. From this research what we can learn is that advices from fellow‟s consumers, is a first source of information for consumers in order to buy product. 8 Company websites and social media is used as second source of information for consumers in order to buy known products, and it is used by companies to reach specific target and to conduct customer relationship management. Consumer‟s trust in social media, in order to look at purchase information through consumer review is beginning to settle. But consumer‟s trust in company through social media is not again acquired. As consumer trust more fellow‟s consumer than company, that they can easily express their opinions on social media and that, they share more negative information than positive, consumer has a huge power through social media to influence other consumer‟s opinion. But as company can have freely access to social media, it can also control it. Findings and recommendations of this research project are really important for the future development of companies in order to they continue to thrive.