Millennial's, brands and social media

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Turley, Ashling
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BA of Business
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this study was to investigate Generation Y’s interaction with brands on social media and to examine how this interaction influences their buying behaviour A quantitative method of research was chosen for this study. The method chosen was a questionnaire. A total of 50 questionnaires were distributed with only 42 being deemed valid for analysis. Of the 42 returned, 40% were male and 60% were female. The findings of this study supported the hypothesis and revealed that Generation Y are actively engaging with brands through social media. This engagement includes participating in discussions about brands, recommending brands to peers, expressing their opinions of brands through social media and using social media as a source of information on brands. It was also found that this engagement is influencing Generation Y to purchase the brands. The main influential factor was peer recommendations and positive feedback from other consumers. Author keywords: Brand engagement, millenials, generation y, purchasing decisions, buying behaviour