The effects of Redbull on computer gaming ability and other cognitive tasks

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Frazer, Patricia
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MSc in Psychological Research Methods
Keele University
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A repeated measures design was used to examine the effect of consuming redbull on computer gaming ability in placebo-controlled experiment. Participants were 21 experienced gamers (18 male, three female), blinded to experimental condition. Outcome measures included performance in a „first-person shooter‟ at five levels of increasing difficulty, as well as other tests of attentional performance, included to identify specific domains of improvement. A two-way repeated measures ANOVA showed significant effects of drink on gaming performance (F= 7.531, p< .05), but no significant interaction between drink and difficulty level. No significant effects were observed for reaction times or specific tests of attentional performance, so the specific domain through which redbull may enhance computer gaming ability remains unclear. Author keywords: Gaming, Redbull, energy/stimulant drinks