Burnout in primary school teachers; the impact of occupational stress, social support and physical activity

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Fitzgerald, Paula
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Higher Diploma in Arts in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This study sought to further research into levels of burnout in primary school teachers in Ireland as well as to explore the relationship between burnout and the following variables; teachers’ occupational stress, social support, physical activity, age and years of service. Quantitative correlational research was carried out with a total of one hundred and three participants (N=103), who took part in an anonymous online questionnaire. Results indicated a significant relationship between curricular and extra-curricular stress, classroom management stress and burnout. Higher levels of physical activity significantly predicted lower levels of burnout. Social support did not have a role in reducing burnout. Older teachers had significantly less burnout. There was not a significant relationship between burnout and years of service. The findings highlight the specific teachers’ stressors which contribute to burnout and the protective factor physical activity has in relation to burnout. These findings correlate with previous research in this area.