Impact of 360-degree performance reviews on motivation of doctors and nurses in Ireland

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Aijaz, Zeeshana
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MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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Performance Appraisal is a part of performance management system. It’s the evaluation of the desired quality and quantity of performance. The aim of performance appraisal is to make sure that employees are working towards the organisational goals. While there are different forms of performance appraisal which includes appraisal by immediate line managers, self-appraisal, appraisal by peers, appraisal by subordinates (upwards appraisal), customer appraisal and a multilevel or a 360-degree appraisal. One of the more famous approaches; amongst all have been 360-degree appraisal which is a comprehensive appraisal technique which is constituted by factoring in all above forms of appraisal techniques. It includes contribution towards feedback from subordinates, managers, peers, customers, suppliers etc. Each individual who has interacted with the individual gets to contribute towards the feedback for the individual. This study tends to find out the effects of 360-degree performance appraisal on motivation among nurses and doctors. The main objective of the study is to find out if 360 degree motivates the employee and if it does to what extent does it uplift them to work efficiently. Motivation and performance go hand in hand. To meet the objective of the study in-depth interviews were conducted among 3 doctors and 2 nurses in the leading hospitals of Dublin. The research found out 360-degree performance appraisal actually motivates the employees by raising selfawareness. Even the negative feedback was taken as a positive criticism and used to as an improvement tool.