The role of corporate social responsibility in influencing investment decisions in Ireland

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Khannous, Ouahid
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MBA in Finance
Dublin Business School
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There have been many research studies on corporate social responsibility (CSR) throughout the recent years. CSR has become a strategic tool for many organizations to set themselves apart from competitors. Due to the increasing numbers of scandals, consumers nowadays recognize and value firms that are more honest and fair in their business dealings. There is a noteworthy increase of the society’s focus on issues related to sustainable development; which affects both the consumers and the companies. The primary question that this research study is trying to answer is finding out how does CSR impact managers’ investment decisions in the retail business in Ireland? To do so, this paper will first tackle the benefits of CSR and how it can influence the stakeholders’ decisions through a study of previous research papers concluded on the same subject. After which, the research will examine the effects of CSR activities on sales and the financial performance of the company. To follow, this research will discuss the Irish example and how companies based in Ireland are influenced by corporate social responsibility. Finally, the paper addresses the role of managers in investment decisions taking into consideration the CSR activities each retail business is involved in. This will be clarified through a series of interviews conducted with mangers from different Irish companies. The interviews conducted follow a deductive approach to test each hypothesis. We find that CSR activities do influence the stakeholders’ actions toward socially responsible companies in the retail business, especially the consumers. We also find out that firm’s financial performance is related to the CSR activities of the business especially in term of measures taken than financial outcomes. To finish, engaging in CSR and sustainability development is crucial for retail businesses more than others because of the managerial decisions on what products to put in the shelves. This can add value to the company and enhance its customer base or bring the business to the ground based on their CSR activities and ethical behavior.