Valuation of a blockchain-based virtual machine resolving interoperability

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Ly, Raphael
Issue Date
MSc Data Analytics
Dublin Business School
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New technology can be disruptive and sometimes it is hard to evaluate its impact and its value. Blockchain technology is still nascent and keep evolving to pace never seen before. To evaluate its value, society out a value to these different projects. In this case, Ren project is about interoperability that connects all blockchains together. As before Ren project, each blockchain behave like intranet. Each blockchain is its own network. However, with Ren project implementation, blockchains can now proceed to transfer of value between blockchains. To understand Ren project real value, a study on the protocol is necessary and identify the elements that impact its valuation. Once the protocol has been understood and the variables are identified, would it be possible to predict its value in future with deep learning. As a timeseries issue Long Short-Term Memory model will be used to predict the value of this project. This is only the beginning as this project keep evolving but it is still possible to forecast its progress with the current information. Flexibility is required as new elements would need to be implemented as the project connects more and more blockchains.