Application of lean principles to IT management

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Anand, Damayanti
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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Lean is a management principle that originated in the company Toyota in the 1980s and since then, has been used by manufacturing companies throughout the world. It has had positive effects on the manufacturing industry: reduced costs and increased the speed of production. This Thesis aims to derive whether lean can also have similar positive effects on the IT industry, specifically software delivery. The study uses the philosophy of positivism and a deductive approach in order to conclude whether lean principles make software delivery efficient. Data has been collected using a case study as well as surveys and a quantitative method has been applied to analyse the data. In order to quantify efficiency, the parameters being studied are cost of the projects and time taken to deliver. The research findings have drawn a correlation between the use of lean principles and the cost and speed of projects. The results show that the use of lean principles decreases the cost of projects and enables teams to ship their software faster. Author keywords: Lean principles, IT management